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Erie Fishing Report 10/28/16

Well folks the run has started.  Before yesterday's blowout myself and Steve Brugger walked a five mile stretch of lower Elk Creek, and found a few decent concentrations of fish.  Moving fish were also in the broken water between the holes.  Overall, the fish this year appear to be larger on average than last year.  During this early stage of the run it is crucial to remember that chrome fish are nearly invisible to all but the most seasoned eyeballs.  Do not assume that there are no fish in the creeks!  Steve and I saw maybe ten percent of the fish that we fished to.

Erie Fishing Report 12/7/2015

Well folks, little has changed with the lack of any discernable precipitation.  Prior runs have moved into their upstream comfort zones, and all but a few fish are above the campground here at Folly's End.  The unseasonably warm temperatures that have dominated the entire fall are expected to continue through the month.  This appears to be the mild winter that we have not seen in years.  With very little precipitation so far, and most likely little increase on the way, all eyes are on the bigger waters.  

Erie Fishing Report 11/23/2015

Low water has dominated the Fall 2015 season.  By my count, there have only been four high water events since the fish first ran in the middle of October.  None of the rains that have fallen have resulted in real, significant blowouts.  The giant rain event that serves to pull fish from the far reaches of the lake has simply not happened.  This represents the driest fall that I have ever encountered.

Erie Fishing Report 10/28/2015

Well folks, the fish are here.  Good numbers of fish are in the system, all the way up.  Before today's rain, most of the fish were in the middle river on Elk.  Decent numbers were still in the lower areas, and a few had run up into McKean.  Numbers were fair, with fish active and moving despite low water conditions during low light hours.  Concentrations of fish in deep pools were catchable with downsized flies and light presentations (for more on this see my article, "Low Water Tactics" in the blog section).  

Southwest Michigan Report

Off to a slow start over here, as high temps and no rain has dominated the early Fall.  Thanks to the awesome versatility of Michigan's fisheries, we are still catching summer run Skamania Steelhead and giant resident browns on a daily basis.  With no "egg hatch" present, fortitude and fishing hard and deep are required.  At any moment the mother load of kings and cohos will arrive, which makes for some of the best fishing of the year.  Fresh run, or biter salmon, are incredible targets and we are eager for their arrival.  We'll let you know when they show up. 

Tributary Reports

Well guys, the site is live, and ready for posts.  Fishing reports from me and my guides will be posted in the blog section of, but any user reports should come under this thread.  I doubt any fish have showed up yet, but as soon as they do write about what you see here.  Thanks.

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