Fish Hunting on the Delaware System

I am proud to announce that I have joined the staff at the West Branch Angler & Resort for the spring season.  West Branch features the premier location for lodging and dining in the area, as well as the most respected guide service.  Accommodations range from rooms in the lodge to one of thirty cabins.  A wonderful restaurant and bar is located on the 300 acre property as well.  Two miles of possibly the best stretch of the river are available for guests to wade.

The guide staff at West Branch Angler is a force to be reckoned with.  Even with my own extensive experience, stepping into the shop comes with a degree of intimidation.   The Upper Delaware system is unquestionably the most challenging fly fishing environment in the east.  Guiding here requires the same skill set as many other venues, however at a magnified scale.  The staff of guides here has the advantage of being constantly busy in such a high volume shop.  Busy means that experience is gained at a high rate.  I have seen the benefits of this at Taylor Creek during my summers, and have watched beginning guides accelerate through the learning curve.  The senior guides at West Branch have thousands of days on the local waters, and are constantly working.

The Delaware system fishes a bit like a giant spring creek.  Proper casting and line management are required to fool it's wild trout.  Success rarely comes easily here, however anglers at any point on the ability scale have much to gain.  Dry fly enthusiasts are treated to the ultimate classroom.  Mayfly hatches and rises of trout are generally excellent.  Overlapping emergences allow the entomologist in every fly fisher a chance to hone their skills.  Fly selection is critical.  Tyers preparing for a visit should focus on sparse and subtle.  On the water, expect to be tested.  Streamer and nymph fishing are good options for beginning anglers, and no one should feel discouraged from a visit.  Anyone who steps in the water here leaves a better angler. 

To achieve success here is to have earned it.  You will remember all of your Delaware fish, especially the ones that unbuttoned and escaped.  To book a trip, simply call the shop at 800-201-2557 and select option 6, or email at