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Steelhead Jones

Year round Trout guides

Steelhead Jones is a roving guide service operating in what we believe to be some of the finest fly fishing venues in the United States. Like the fish that we chase, we survive by being highly adaptive to changing conditions and climates. While we fish a variety of locales, we have the experience and equipment necessary to provide a high quality trip consistent with any serious angler’s expectations. We run a tight ship, based on old school values and stewardship. All trips are fly fishing only with barbless hooks, and we practice devout Catch & Release. We don’t compete or self-promote at the expense of the experience. Instead, we take care to show the fish, the rivers, and the anglers the respect they deserve.

Migratory Guide Services

Depending on the season, Steelhead Jones offers guide services at different locations around the U.S.:

  • Summer: We return to our roots, guiding the world class trout waters of the Roaring Fork Valley for the Taylor Creek Fly shop in Basalt, Colorado.
  • Fall: We head East with a few weeks in Michigan, and soon after begin our Steelhead and Lake-Run Brown Trout program based in and around Erie, Pennsylvania.
  • Winter: Our winter fishing centers around the vastly underrated drift boat fisheries of Eastern Tennessee, specifically the South Holston and Watauga Rivers.
  • Spring: Versatility becomes the name of the game in the spring, as everywhere seems to fish well in the Northeast. Ohio Steelhead, the Delaware system, and Central Pennsylvania.

My two sons and I fished with Matt and Kevin for steelhead last November in the Erie area.  We are from Oklahoma and had never fished for steelhead before.  The areas that we fished were beautiful and we were constantly catching large steelhead! This was a trip that we will never forget and I would recommend it to anyone!!!

Gene Furnish

Well folks, the fall 2016 tributary season is behind us.  The same conditions emblematic of the last few seasons returned to us once again.  Low water, above average temperatures, and dwindling returns have become the norm.  The dynamics of our fishery have steelhead anglers at an impasse.  Learn to adapt to the present state of things, or stew over “how it used to be” and be constantly...

I am proud to announce that I have joined the staff at the West Branch Angler & Resort for the spring season.  West Branch features the premier location for lodging and dining in the area, as well as the most respected guide service.  Accommodations range from rooms in the lodge to one of thirty cabins.  A wonderful restaurant and bar is...

Well folks, better late than never.  A flood level rain event has finally fallen on the drought stricken Erie tributaries.  Fresh runs have occurred and many of the older fish have been redistributed, or have dropped out altogether.  Fishing has hit the reset button, just in time for cooler temperatures and winter weather.  This is what we have all waited for during what will be remembered as...